Forest Stewardship Plans  


Over the years, several government sponsored programs have financially assisted forest landowners with reforesting their lands. The philosophy behind these incentives is to provide a sustainable source of timber and wood products for the future. Previous programs have failed to address the entire range of forest uses and values. The Forest Stewardship Programs takes a much more comprehensive approach in offering assistance to forest landowners. 

The program provides landowners with a professionally prepared Forest Stewardship Plan through a Federally funded initiative. Money is directed through each state’s Department of Forestry, which in turn pays consultants like Ridgerunner Forestry to examine each landowner’s property and develop a Forest Stewardship Plan.

Ridgerunner has participated in the program since its beginning, and will be happy to prepare a plan for your forest that is consistent with your ownership objectives. You may choose to manage your property for a combination of:


Maintenance of a Scenic Forest  Wildlife for Hunting  Managing Timber for Income  Forest Stand Management  Outdoor Recreation  Wildlife Habitat  Real Estate Investment  Protect Rare, Unique Natural Areas Historical or Cultural Resources Soil and Water Conservation


Eligibility Requirements:

In order to be eligible for a Stewardship Plan, you must be a private landowner with 10 or more acres of forestland. Forest industry ownerships are not eligible.

Your Forest Stewardship Plan, prepared by a Certified Forester, will address those management objectives which you deem most important. Once your plan is prepared, you are eligible for specific cost-share activities designed to help you achieve the objectives that you identified.

How to Apply:

Ridgerunner Forestry is certified to prepare Forest Stewardship Plans in Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or for an application for your plan.

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