Shadow Rock Farms



The Shadow Rock Farms Tract is perhaps our most ambitious timber sale project to date. The property sits along scenic Smith Mountain Lake in Bedford County, Virginia. It is the summer property of the owners of Grand Home Furnishings, and is used primarily for entertainment and recreation. 

The timber types present included 35-40 year old planted loblolly pine, planted white pine of the same age, mature mixed hardwoods, and scattered patches of Virginia pine. Our goal was to prepare and market a timber harvest that would improve the health of the various forested stand types without degrading the visual quality of the property. Our answer was a marked harvest of 106+/- wooded acres that involved a combination of a third-row thinning in portions of the loblolly pine, a shelterwood harvest in the hardwoods, selective cutting of the white pine, and a clearcut in the Virginia pine.

Every tree reserved from the harvest was marked with red paint, and the tract was put up for sealed bid auction. The resulting timber harvest effected the goals that we set out to attain for our clients, and is an excellent example of innovative forestry. To see more pictures of this harvest, please click here, and choose the Shadow Rock album. 

Special thanks to: Greif Rivermill, LLC (Buyer); C.D. Campbell & Sons (Logging Contractor).