Cobb Tract; Floyd County, VA 



This was a particularly fun project, because we took a slightly different approach than usual. The landowners approached us asking for help with the management of their timberland. They have owned the property for more than two decades, and have watched the trees grow up. As the trees matured and began to decline, the owners realized it would be wise to harvest the older trees and improve the health of their forest. 

So, after first preparing a Forest Stewardship Plan for the property, we spent several days marking the timber for harvest. Most of the larger, more mature trees were selected, along with all of the less desirable timber species such as black gum, black locust, and Virginia pine. We decided to also remove the larger eastern hemlocks, due to the presence of the hemlock wooly adelgid. The pictures above show some of the red-marked trees that were selected for cutting.

We then hired a logging contractor to harvest the timber in accordance with our plan. The landowners asked that we leave a healthier forest, in such a condition that another harvest could occur in approximately twenty years. The pictures below were taken after the selective harvest was completed! Special thanks to Gregory Poff, owner of Little Mountain Land & Timber, for his diligent work in harvesting the timber.



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